Bye Bye Birdie Goose Control and Goose Management Services A Division of K9 Pest Management Group Inc.
A Division of K9 Pest Management Group Inc.

Meet The Trainer

Sherri  Hall — Over 35 Years Experience

Sherri Hall's 35 years working with animals has led her through experiences starting in her teenage years supervising horse camps, rescuing/rehabilitating wildlife, educated as a veterinary technician, to operating a successful kennel, breeding, boarding and training facility.

Sherri is the owner of Bye Bye Birdie Goose Control and Goose Management, Elite Detection Dogs, Maplelane Farm Event Centre, all a division of K9 Pest Management Group, along with Maplelane Golden Retrievers.

Bye Bye Birdie works with clients to develop customized programs for animal and goose control and management services as well as holding the municipal animal control contracts for New Tecumseth, Town of Innisfil, Town of Georgina, Town of Newmarket and Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville.

Elite Detection Dogs provides sales and services for detection of bedbugs. Her success is not only attracting attention, it is receiving recognition; she won the South Simcoe Business Excellence award in 2008, Entrepreneur of the Year. Sherri has been nominated by our local RBC branch for the prestigious RBC Women's Entrepreneur of the Year for the past several years.  Elite Detection Dogs holds some of the largest municipal housing contracts in the region. In addition to being one of the top detection dog companies in Southern Ontario, Sherri also is a certified WDDO trainer (1st in Canada) and an official Noseworks judge with the UKC.

Maplelane Farm Event Centre offers a variety of spaces for dog training and events. CGN Testing, Disc and lure coursing fields, dock diving, barn hunts and other dog sport events. Located in South Simcoe, our fully insured venue, with over 4 fenced in acres, offers hydro and running water, ample parking, portable toilets, separate off-leash toileting area and a show grounds office.

Maplelane Farm Golden Retrievers is a licensed breeding/training/boarding kennel in New Tecumseth, Ontario and supporter of COPE Service Dogs. For over twenty years, Maplelane Farm has bred and continues to breed breeds Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Belgian Malinois and Border Collies. Maplelane is also a licensed municipal shelter and operates an all-breed rescue.


Bye Bye Birdie A Division of K9 Pest Management Group Sherri Hall With Staff
  • Appointed Municipal Law Enforcement Officer
  • Certified in Dead Livestock Valuation
  • Certified Animal Disaster First Responder "Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada"
  • Operations Certificate "TLAER" Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue
  • Licensed UKC Noseworks Judge, 1st in Canada
  • Bite Stick and Animal Repellent Training
  • Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Core Training Program
  • Fema Certificate ICS-100
  • All Dogs Can Bite Prevention Course
  • Certified WDDO (World Detector Dog Organization) Trainer
  • Certified in "Airport Wildlife Management"
  • Certificate of Attendance "Ontario Provincial Police K9 Search & Rescue"
  • 2009 Ontario Volunteer Search & Rescue Canine Conference
  • Canadian Kennel Club Certified K9 Good Neighbour Evaluator
  • Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers - 18 Hrs in K9 behaviour
  • Professional Animal Behaviour Associates Certificate - 16 Hrs in K9 behaviour
  • Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers - 12 Hrs in K9 behaviour
  • Professor Ray Copinger - Certificate in Understanding Canine Origin- Behaviour & Evolution
  • Dr. Jean Dodds - Certificate in Canine Immunology


Facts About Canada Goose

The species name, canadensis, is a New Latin word that means: "of Canada".

Image Canadian Geese

Branta canadensis, also referred to as the Canadian Goose, belongs to the Branta genus of geese, which includes species with largely black plumage, distinguishing them from the grey species of the Anser genus.

Image Canadian Geese

During the second year of their lives, Canada Geese find a mate. Most couples stay together all of their lives. If one is killed, the other may find a new mate. The female lays 4-8 eggs and both parents protect the nest.

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Image Canadian Geese

While the eggs incubate, the female spends more time at the nest than the male. Known egg predators include Arctic Foxes, Red Foxes, all large gulls, Common Raven, American Crows and bears.