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During the spring breeding season, the residential geese (breeding pairs that come back every year) have returned to nest and rear their young. All geese return to where they learnt to fly, thus coming back to your facility the next year to seek a mate and start raising their own young.

When destroying or sterilizing eggs Bye Bye Birdie Goose Control and Goose Management Services must be able to identify nests of the target species with 100% accuracy.

Therefore 2 pairs on your course this year will yeild approximately 14 goslings which will all return to your facility to mate and raise their young. The next year you will have a least 9 breeding pairs producing 72 goslings — at least half will return the 3rd year.

Egg Oiling is the process of covering the eggs with a coating of mineral oil. This seals the egg and prevents development / hatching. The adult geese are not aware their eggs are not going to hatch and stay to incubate until their biological time clock tells them to move on. Egg Oiling is birth control the 1st and most important part of a successfull control and management program. In 3 - 5 years your residential geese with gosling will be reduced by 85%.

Egg Oiling Program by Bye Bye Birdie Goose Control and Goose Management Services

Egg Oiling in the Hamilton, Ontario Harbour

After about 2-3 weeks, the eggs will start to deteriorate and they will not become viable eggs. In time the goose will abandon the eggs, mature birds may lay a second or even third clutch, and if the technique is to be successful, these will need to be oiled as well.

Egg Oiling" will be carried out using the methods established by and under permit of the Canadian Wildlife Service.

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Information for Permits Canadian Wildlife Services



Hazing is the term used for harassing the geese on land / water. Properly trained Border Collies can clear a facility in minutes. Border Collies possess all the attributes of a fox or coyote which are their main natural enemy. They will stare down the geese, creep/crawl towards them as if being hunted by wolves. To be successful with hazing, a facility must be covered a minimum of once every day 7 days a week. Our highly trained staff use remote control boats for water and special lazors for night work.

Bye Bye Birdie Goose Control and Goose Management Services at The Club at Bond Head

Water can be a difficult element to clear of geese for many reasons. The biggest issue is safety of the dogs. It is very time consuming and takes a lot of energy for a dog. So, instead, we use remote control boats. They are safe, fast, and accurate!


Bye Bye Birdie is a credited Goose Control and Goose Management Company to which Canadian Wildlife Services will grant relocation permits. Relocation is a viable option for short term success 1-3 years) with large populations, however this option must be considered as a last resort to an already existing goose control and goose management program.

This activity is done with Canada Wildlife Services participation and takes place generally in mid June when the birds are flightless and the gosling are old enough to travel.

Bye Bye Birdie Mississauga 2008 Goose Round-up

The biggest challenge when orchestrating a relocation is in finding a willing recipient for these birds with-in a humane distance of delivery. These recipients must be approved by Canadian Wildlife Services.

Bye Bye Birdie will consider relocation if they feel there is a benefit to all. We are capable, appropriately staffed and equipped, have access to trailering and all other supplies to ensure a successful humane relocation service.

It is the responsibility of the hiring firm to find the "willing" recipient. Bye Bye Birdie can assist you in this process for an additional consulting fee.



Our methods and processes are successful in eradicating the residential geese from your facility by utilizing their natural molting cycle periods, usually resulting in a six week geese-free period.

Bye Bye Birdie Goose Control and Goose Management Services Canada Goose Hazing

The dogs are used to "haze" the geese and force them elsewhere prior to their molting season. During the two weeks it takes for the geese to lose their flight feathers, they are unable to fly back, giving you an extended period being goose free. This process requires our goose wranglers to attend twice a day for 8-14 days prior to the molting season.

What's Included

  • All supplies and equipment necessary for project
  • 3 - 5 visits during nesting season, covering all possible grounds detecting and oiling nests
  • 1 visit in late June to recheck and do a Gosling population count and report
  • Bye Bye Birdie will supply and report to all permit requirements (Egg Oiling Permit)

Combined Programs

  • Bye Bye Birdie understands the costs involved when embarking on an efficient goose control and goose management program and the frustration implementing budget costs. We feel we have a solution to this by incorporating a goose control and goose management program with your domestic animal services.

    If you have an existing town employed K-9 officer and a pound facility, it would be a simple process to include goose harassment on a daily basis by leasing a goose control canine (K-9) from Bye Bye Birdie Goose Control and Goose Management Services. This canine (K-9) would ride with the officer throughout the day during patrol hours performing regular daily sweeps of all your infested properties. This will soon lower your population and maintain a cleaner, healthier environment for your residents.

    Your leased K-9 will be housed in the off-hours at your pound facility and available for extra-duty on weekends during peak seasons.

    These K-9s return to our kennel for the off-months and continue with their training.

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"The level of service provided was impeccable. We received an initial proerty analysis which outlined the goose population size, egg depredation activities and general flock . . . .

The Club At Bond Head

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Town Of Collingwood

York Regional Police Association

Blue Mountain Golf & Country Club

Angus Glen

Montara Golf Club

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Just a short but very appreciative note of thanks for the wonderful job you and your staff have done for us this year to effectively reduce our goose problem to zero. I have heard . . . .

Toromont CAT

Constellation Stable Ltd.

Nottawasaga Inn

Town Of New Tecumseth

Magna Cosmo

Maples of Balantrae

Cranberry Resort and Golf Club

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I can hereby testify that after contacting Sherri Hall Director of Field Operation at Bye Bye Birdie Goose Control and Goose Management Services Limited, that I have met one of the most knowledgeable . . . .

York Cemetery

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Chiefswood Thoroughbred Racing Farm

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